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Nov 28, 2014



Clinical Trials Hold Promise for Finding New Cure for Ebola Doctors Without Borders will soon begin clinical trials for the Ebola virus in West Africa, which will be held at three medical centers in Guinea and Liberia. The first two trials will use antiviral drugs called Brincidofovir and Favipiravir, and the third trial will involve [...]

Toward a Safer Campus Culture, We Hope

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Campus is buzzing with anger and frustration in the wake of some very jolting current events, namely the reported gang rape of a teenaged girl at a fraternity party hosted on November 1st. The crime was duly and quickly reported to the larger University community, a testament to recent administrative changes that have made Clery [...]

Interview with Calvin Lam, Lieutenant in the Hong Kong Police Force


Can you please explain a little bit of your background as a police officer? I’ve been a police officer for twelve years. I’ve served as a constable, a traffic control officer, and a member of the now-infamous Tactical Unit (the Tactical Unit responds to, among other things, civil unrest). I’m a lieutenant and an investigator [...]

Why Don’t We Care Enough to Save Ourselves?


Wednesday, November 5th: America woke up, shook the sleep out of our collective eyes, and wondered what the hell happened. We were inundated with answers to that question throughout the next few days. A bloodbath, a red tide. A mandate. A repudiation. Then we were told that our initial knee-jerk reaction wasn’t quite right. What [...]

Fraternity Victim Complex


Last spring, outrage was directed towards the administration for its irresponsible handling of the reported gang rape of a non-affiliate at the Pike house. This illuminated the lack of functional University policy or precedent for punishing perpetrators of sexual assault on campus, or as Eliza Schultz noted in the Politik two weeks ago, for protecting [...]