This Week:

May 30, 2016



At Hopkins, it’s sadly common to hear a classmate float an argument that his or her “rightful position” at some other elite institution was taken by someone needier, less advantaged, and somehow “less deserving” of the position due to affirmative action or diversity quotas. This argument is pervasive, despite the fallacy of it. A new [...]

Social Media May Bring Peace to the Caucasus


At first, USSR came crumbling down in 1991. Then there were territorial arguments. At least that’s how it was in my home country. Armenia, a small nationally homogeneous unitary semi-presidential republic, is pretty similar to Azerbaijan, another small nationally homogeneous unitary semi-presidential republic. Both, geographically at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, often find themselves [...]

Baltimore and the $15 Minimum Wage: Hopes of a Fairy Tale


The $15 minimum wage has become a hot-button political issue, turning into a magical number of sorts. California has passed legislation seeking to incrementally reach the ‘15’ by 2022, and weeks ago, New York state enacted a similar plan. Now, Baltimore Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke has followed suit, proposing the same minimum wage increase.   [...]

JHU Student Letter Condemning Donald Trump’s Incitement


As students who care about peace between Israelis and Palestinians and believe in the principles of self-determination, tolerance, and democracy, we condemn speech that incites violence and bigotry. After hearing four presidential candidates address the AIPAC 2016 policy conference, we think it an appropriate moment for our campus community to clarify our values.   At [...]

The Right to Housing: Reflections on Matthew Desmond’s Work


“Unless we fix housing, we are going to fall short on a lot of other issues.” These are the words Matthew Desmond left his audience with on Thursday evening. Desmond, a Harvard sociologist, visited campus to discuss his research on evictions in the United States, kicking off the 21st Century Cities Initiative. The program is [...]