License Plates, the Confederate Flag, and the First Amendment The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments this week in Walker v. Sons of Confederate Veterans, a First Amendment case concerning state-issued license plates. When a Texas chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans proposed a license plate design with an image of [...]

The Social Physics of Tunisia


Reporters all over the world marveled at the completed Tunisian Constitution in 2013. The country was the first in the Arab world to successfully transition from authoritarianism to democracy with relatively little bloodshed while including Islamists – the Ennahda political party – in the political transition. Even more miraculous was the group that saved Tunisian [...]

No, Really, Are We in a Tech Bubble?


Uber is, by any traditional measure, a young company, but you wouldn’t know it given how far it reaches. Founded in 2009, it is currently worth approximately $41 billion. Snapchat, founded 2011, is worth $19 billion, and Tinder, a two-year-old company with no revenue stream, is worth at least $1 billion. Skim any industry news [...]

In Defense of the Women’s Dignity Drive


Last month, I attended a Student Government Association meeting to advocate for a finance bill to fund the Women’s Dignity Drive. My involvement with a network of local homeless shelters led me to propose the drive in response to residents’ need for feminine hygiene products, tampons and pads. Unfortunately, after a lengthy deliberation, the senate killed [...]

How to Read The News-Letter’s SAE Editorial


On March 5, The Johns Hopkins News-Letter published an editorial demanding that the administration lessen the sanctions placed on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in the wake of a gang rape. Upon an examination of the piece, its argument falls apart, because the editorial fails to grasp the true purpose of fraternity reform. Its first [...]


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