Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Bars Transfer of Undocumented Immigrants On Wednesday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed a law prohibiting the Philadelphia police from cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on holding undocumented immigrants for transfer to detention centers and eventual deportation. Similar policies have been enacted in two states and at least eight [...]

Dropbox and Condoleeza Rice


Two weeks ago, technology giant Dropbox announced that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be joining their board of directors. Company CEO Drew Houston explained in an official statement that Dr. Rice’s addition would help Dropbox “expand its global footprint” in data management and that they were excited to bring on someone “as brilliant [...]

Demagogue of Idealism


India is currently running the largest democratic elections with over 800 million eligible voters for the lower half of it bicameral legislature (Lok Sabha), which holds 545 total seats. Two parties, the Barathiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress (INC), are currently competing for votes. The BJP, a socially conservative party advocates more [...]

Women and Men Must Be Paid Equally


The gender wage gap is both a problem of social justice and economics. Wage inequality highlights the limited progress society has made in creating parity between the genders. In recent decades, women have increasingly entered the workforce and are less likely to fulfill only a domestic role. Given that women hold many of the same [...]

Post-Colonial Relations Between France and Africa: Is “Françafrique” A Has-been Concept?


The modern relationship between France and Africa have their roots in a secular history of conquest and cohabitation. The French colonization of sub-Saharan Africa began after 1850 under Emperor Napoleon III. This effort was largely continued during the Third Republic and, in 1884, the Conference of Berlin shared out the continent between European powers. By [...]


Universities and the NSA: Time to Stop Collaborating? A panel discussion with Matt Green–Assistant Research Professor at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, Christopher Soghoian–Principal Technologist at the ACLU and Shahid Butter–Executive Director of Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Tuesday April 15th at 7 PM in Mergenthaler 111