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Aug 29, 2014


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This month, for the first time in University history, five seniors will graduate with minors in the visual arts. While the visual arts have had a presence on campus for forty years, the program only gained official academic recognition this past summer when the Homewood Schools Academic Council approved a proposal for a new visual [...]

Interview with Kristen Hileman of the Baltimore Museum of Art


Kristen Hileman has been both the Curator of Contemporary Art and Department Head of The Baltimore Museum of Art since 2009. Established in 1914, the BMA celebrates its centennial this year with a myriad of events and a brightly decorated front facade. Previously, Hileman worked as an Associate Curator at the Hirschhorn Museum and at [...]

Detroit Is Bankrupt and Creditors Are Looking To Their Renowned Art Museum


Should Detroit have to sell off its art collection in order to pay its bills? To what extent is art off limits from municipal politics, especially when worker pensions are at stake? Over the past year these thorny ethical questions have cast an uncomfortable shadow over the Motor City. When the city of Detroit filed [...]

Interview with Hannah Brancato: Co-Founder of FORCE

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Hannah Brancato, an organizer who lives in Baltimore City, founded and runs the artist-activist collective FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture along with Rebecca Nagle. Formed in 2010, FORCE is an organization committed to starting difficult conversations around the epidemic of sexual assault in the United States and to educating individuals, communities, and governments on how they [...]

The Politics of Music Sharing


In the past couple of decades, music sharing—the act of illegally posting songs and albums for free download and universal access—has gained an enormous global following. Music sharing websites now exist all over the world and, despite their illegality, they seem to be increasing in popularity. But what is it about these sites that have [...]