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    Founded in 2008, the JHU Politik is a weekly undergraduate political opinions magazine based on the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. As an outlet for student journalism, Politik at JHU advocates for transparency, dialogue, and tolerance of all viewpoints.

    Politik at JHU is devoted to sparking conversations between students and faculty through respectful debate. To this end, Politik at JHU seeks out the best in student writing and encourages readers to submit pieces in response to the articles published.

    In addition to publishing weekly issues, each semester JHU Politik produces a printed magazine that confronts a single topic from multiple angles. Past special issues have covered the politics of higher education, housing and homelessness, and art.


    If you would like to submit a piece, please contact us at jhupolitik@gmail.com

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    JHU Politik retains the right to withhold from publication any submitted or solicited pieces for any reason. Any quoted material in a piece must be cited. Any quotes that are not properly cited will be considered plagiarism and may result in a permanent moratorium being placed on all submissions from the individual. JHU Politik seeks to promote political debate across campus through respectful discourse. Personal attacks, discriminatory language, and hate speech will never be published by JHU Politik, and receipt of any pieces containing such language may result in a permanent moratorium being placed on all submissions from the individual.

    When a writer submits a proposal for an article, our policy is as follows. The proposal must be sent to their assigned editor by Monday the week before the publication date. They will send their first draft by the following Friday for a final edit. Finally, the writer will send the final draft to jhupolitik@gmail.com by Sunday for a Sunday night publication.


    The views expressed within this publication reflect the personal opinions of each author and are not necessarily endorsed by the Politik or The Johns Hopkins University.

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