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    Alejo Perez-Stable Husni


    Alejo is a History and Economics major from San Francisco, CA. His favorite topics include social and political theory, American politics, Latin American politics, and intellectual history.

    Kevin Wu


    Kevin is an International Studies major with a Minor in Business. His favorite topics include international relations and political theory. He enjoys playing tennis and debate.

  • Editorial Staff

    The Politik's finest.

    Yuyan Pu

    Assistant Editor

    Yuyan is a junior Economics major from Philadelphia. She is mostly interested in domestic fiscal and environmental policies. Besides politics, Yuyan also enjoys recycling, casual strolls at night, and writing humor very few people enjoy.

    Elizabeth Gudgel

    Assistant Editor

    Elizabeth is a senior Political Science and History of Science major from New Jersey. Some of her most-liked topics are urban politics and human rights, but she doesn’t like to play favorites.

    Darius Mostaghimi

    Assistant Editor

    Darius is a junior from Connecticut, studying History and Molecular and Cellular Biology. He enjoys playing chess and has an inexplicable love of celtic music. His future's up in the air.

    Shehryar Haris

    Assistant Editor

    Shehryar is an International Studies and Classics major from Dubai, UAE. He enjoys writing about Middle Eastern affairs, cultural libertarianism, and political correctness.

    Alicia Badea

    Assistant Editor

    Alicia Badea is an English major and Philosophy and French minor from New York City. She is passionate about social justice, especially access to education, immigration issues, and empowering women. She writes poetry and fiction, and enjoys visual arts, music, and theater in her free time.

    Jordan Jain

    Assistant Editor

    Jordan is a Freshman majoring in International Studies from Worcester, United Kingdom. He is interested in both international and domestic topics such as Brexit, globalization, development, and economic inequality.

    Oliver Goodman

    Assistant Editor

    Oliver is a sophomore Political Science and Economics double major, from Brattleboro, Vermont. His interests are in American Politics, specifically tax policy and congressional procedure. In his spare time, Oliver plays club rugby.

    Lauren Vogelsang

    Assistant Editor

    I am a junior Writing Seminars and Spanish major from South Florida. When I’m not writing bad iambic pentameter or showing people pictures of my dogs, you can catch me reading up on women’s rights and immigration policies.

    Miranda Bannister

    Assistant Editor

    Miranda is a sophomore in Krieger double majoring in History and Writing Seminars. As a Woodrow Wilson research fellow, she reads late nineteenth century populist and early twentieth century bolshevik literature. She sits on the Homewood Council for Inclusive Excellence and serves as Vice President of Risk for her sorority. In her free time, she loves reading poetry, running, kayaking and nursing a coffee addiction.

    Claire Iverson

    Assistant Editor

    Claire is a sophomore dual-degree student between Hopkins and Peabody Conservatory, where she majors in both International Studies and opera performance respectively. Claire is from Baltimore city and is interested in all things Baltimore, as well as other domestic and international policy issues.

  • Staff Writers

    Caroline Lupetini

    Staff Writer

    Caroline Lupetini is a junior originally from Chicago, and is studying International Studies with minors in Italian and Economics. She most loves to write about Russian politics and the European Union, but also enjoys topics closer to home, like Baltimore city politics and covering JHU events. Caroline is also president of the Model UN team here at JHU and will head off to SAIS Bologna next fall.

    Jia Yao Kuek

    Staff Writer

    Jia Yao, Kuek is a senior studying International Studies, Public Health, and East Asian Studies. He is an avid globetrotter who looks forward to serving in the Singapore Armed Forces upon graduation, and loves reading and horse-riding in his spare time. Jia Yao writes on various issues that have touched him on travels, with a specific research focus on the geopolitics of Southeast Asia.


    He is currently in Shanghai for a semester under Fudan University’s Professional Business Chinese Immersion program. His time is taken up by frequent side-trips around China, an internship at a local Co-Working Space, frequent interactions with the Shanghai and Singaporean business community, and regular classes on Fudan’s beautiful campus.

    Carolina I. Andrada

    Staff Writer

    Carolina is a junior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Global Health Security. Her favorite topics include health policy, national security, and Latin American politics. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and loses all dignity around World Cup season.

    Tarek Meah

    Staff Writer

    I am a sophomore public health major and hopeful anthropology minor. My interest in the Politik stems from my involvement in the law program in my high school. Although I have no current aspirations to pursue a career in politics, I understand that the discourse the Politik hopes to inspire is instrumental to the success of millions of working professionals, and students. I hope to play a part in creating conversations that will allow the Johns Hopkins community to question our current structures and catalyze movements.

    Sebastian Mendez

    Staff Writer

    Sebastian is a junior Cognitive Neuroscience major from NYC. While his research interests concern memory and affect, medical ethics and healthcare policy drew him to write for the Politik. The rest of his time is consumed by music, soccer, and Radiohead.

    Jordan Britton

    Staff Writer

    Jordan is a Senior Math major from Baltimore. His interests include understanding and exploring the inner workings of local activism, affordable housing, and homelessness. As a resident of Baltimore City, Jordan seeks to help improve the quality of life for Baltimoreans experiencing homelessness and to contribute to its eradication.

    Henry Salem

    Staff Writer

    Henry is a sophomore studying International Studies and Economics from Bennington, Vermont. His interests include international relations, artificial intelligence, and those relating to Baltimore crime and education. In his free time, he enjoys playing poker and watching the New York Knicks.

    Vrshank Ravi

    Staff Writer

    Vrshank is a Junior from Chennai, India, majoring in Biophysics, Economics and Applied Math. He is interested in the broader nature of class politics manifested in seemingly apolitical decisions - which leads him to read and write about Political Economy and Neoliberalism. He will also rant on a variety of topics ranging from metal music to the JHU Department of Economics.

    Samuel Richter

    Staff Writer

    Samuel is a Political Science and Philosophy major in the class of 2020. He is interested in the methods and modes through which power operates. If he is not doing homework, you will probably find him either reading or fly-fishing.

    Dylan Balter

    Staff Writer

    Dylan is a junior Public Health Studies major from Baltimore. As a Baltimore native, her writing interests exploring Baltimore's public school system and its health policy programs. In addition to writing for Politik, Dylan is also Campus Coordinator of Health Leads and conducts research at the medical campus regarding racial disparities in inpatient consultations. In her free time, she loves to swim and hike.

    Bonnie Jin

    Staff Writer

    Bonnie is a freshman majoring in International Studies from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her interests include American economic and racial inequality, activism, political philosophy, and Eurasian politics. In her free time she enjoys language learning, playing piano, and cheering on Boston and German sports teams.

    Isaac Adlerstein

    Staff Writer

    Isaac is a freshman from Queens, New York majoring in Economics. Isaac is passionate about the United States' responsibility to make the world a better place and to always stand for freedom, justice, and good. Isaac enjoys volunteering, playing chess, and spending time with people.

    Wil Paustenbach

    Staff Writer

    Wil is a sophomore Economics and Political Science major minoring in Mathematics from California's Central Valley. He is interested in the American political process, elections, and international economics. In his free time, he enjoys playing racquetball and cooking.

    Ali Rachidi

    Staff Writer

    Ali is a sophomore studying Computer Science and International Studies. During his gap-year, he realized the importance of opening up intellectual discourse on important political topics to lead the way for a cultural change in developing countries along with the economic development his home country, Morocco, is experiencing. While finishing high-school in Rabat, he got more involved in social enterprising, soon-to-be his main career interest, by working with local non-profits because he believed in its potential as a tool to consolidate social and economic issues in developing countries.

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